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 ATTENTION: Amalgamated, Inc will be operating with a limited number of employees during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
We will be monitoring our telephones and responding to inquiries as quickly as possible.
Please leave your name, telephone number, and a brief message and we will return your call.    If you have an urgent requirement or need assistance, please call Gary at 260-433-3800 or Steven at 260-443-9476.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. 
Amalgamated® has been custom blending diesel fuel additives for over 35 years.  Our mission is to provide our customers with a diesel fuel additive that improves the performance, protection and reliability of the fuel that is needed for today's high performance diesel equipment. Our strength is our knowledge of what can be done and what cannot be accomplished with diesel fuel additives to enhance the performance level desired by our customers. 
Amalgamated® provides unmatched product quality and guaranteed performance capability in every diesel fuel additive manufactured. Once a custom formulated diesel fuel additive is compounded for a particular customer, extensive testing is undertaken to prove the chemical benefits associated with the diesel fuel additive product.  Both in-house and contracted outside laboratories are utilized to verify the performance benefits formulated into every custom blended diesel fuel additive including cold room testing for diesel fuel winterization products.  Additionally, all finished diesel fuel additives undergo complete laboratory quality control analysis testing prior to shipment to guarantee that each product specification is adhered to within the limits set.  

Our Customers are our #1 priority. We offer personal assistance to every client and work hard to provide the technical answers and educate all diesel fuel producers, marketers, and users regarding precisely what each diesel fuel additive can and cannot accomplish. We strive to fully educate our Customers about diesel fuel additives and insure their understanding of the benefits to be achieved with every diesel fuel additive product they purchase from us. Accordingly, every diesel fuel additive we sell is guaranteed to contain the precise amount of each additive component required to provide the performance results advertised.  We do not take shortcuts and we do not over sell the capabilities of our products.
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