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Custom Blended Fuel Additives


Custom blended diesel fuel additives are our mark of distinction” in the world of distillate (diesel) fuel additive business. Our program begins by establishing a customer’s base line diesel fuel characteristics through extensive laboratory analysis of the customer’s specific distillate (diesel) fuels. Our customer’s needs and expectations are then evaluated and a unique customized additive formulation package that will meet those needs and expectations and save on unwanted or unnecessary ingredients is compounded.  

Not concerned with tank stabilizers for long term storage but want extra cetane for power and detergents for injector cleaning?  We will formulate an economical package that will fit your needs.

Want storage protection to take advantage of contract pricing and volume purchases?  We’ll make sure that enough stabilizers are added to protect the fuel from it’s natural degradation and harmful oxidation buildup for up to 2 years if necessary.

In short we can give you (the customer) precisely what you want in the amount that you need. 

Once a custom formulated diesel fuel additive is compounded for a particular customer, extensive testing is undertaken to prove the chemical benefits associated with the diesel fuel additive product. Both in-house and contracted outside laboratories are utilized to verify the performance benefits formulated into every custom diesel fuel additive product.

All compounded diesel fuel additive products are blended using computer controlled blending equipment to insure identical product batches for each custom formulated diesel fuel additive manufactured. 

Additionally, all finished diesel fuel additive products undergo complete laboratory quality control analysis testing prior to shipment to guarantee that each product specification is adhered to within the limits set.  

Special attention is given to insure proper delivery of each diesel fuel additive product in a timely manner with the least possible delay and at the lowest possible transportation costs.   
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