What is premium diesel fuel?

There are no specific standards or guidelines established to govern classifying a Diesel Fuel as a Premium Diesel Fuel. While there are octane standards defined for gasoline which determines a difference between grades of gas there are no such specification standards for diesel fuel.

Premium Diesel (as defined by Amalgamated, Inc) is a chemically enhanced diesel fuel that provides the maximum power and optimum performance when utilized in an engine. A true, quality Premium Diesel Fuel would contain cetane, stabilizers, detergents, lubricity agents, and specific ancillary additives. 
  • Cetane increases ignition and performance. 
  •  Stabilizers slow the natural hydrocarbon degradation of fuel oils during storage.
  • Detergents are used as cleaners to remove carbon and gummy deposits from fuel injection systems and keep them clean.
  • Lubricity agents reduce friction in moving parts in fuel pumps and injectors to reduce maintenance and extend their life. 
  • Ancillary additives reduce deposits, minimize rust and corrosion and extend the work life of a diesel engine.