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Whether you are powering your boat with a 24 hp Yanmar or a pair of 435 hp Cat’s, Amalgamated® has products that outperform others to give you outstanding diesel fuel system protection and improved engine performance.  
Do you have a 50,000 hp cruise ship about which you are concerned with lowering costs or reducing pollution?  Amalgamated® has worked with major cruise lines and freight carriers to deal with their concerns about diesel fuel economy and engine performance on the high seas and we have products that have been proven to perform.

Custom blended diesel fuel additives are Amalgamated® mark of distinction in the additive business.  Analysis of the often lower grade diesel fuel used in the marine transportation industry provides a base for Amalgamated® to build an additive package that economically increases ignition for power and lowers smoke emissions from unburned diesel fuel.  Detergent additives clean and maintain diesel fuel system efficiency while lubricants keep them running smoothly.  Send us a sample of your diesel fuel and tell us what you want from an additive and we will formulate precisely what you need.
Marine Products:
MFA-55 Marine Fuel Additive
For Light Distillates. 
Designed for use in all grades of marine fuel oil (especially heavy distillates). Contains additional combustion improvers and lowers emissions.   
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