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Cloud Point News Release


NEWS RELEASE:  IMMEDIATE  (September, 2008)

INTRODUCING:   Amalgamated Inc?s

All Distillate/Diesel Fuels
 Bio-Diesel Fuel Blends?

   THE PROBLEMS:   Lowering the fuel Cloud Point with kerosene (LMD) is very expensive for refinery and terminal operations.  For the fuel consumer, adding kerosene for ?winterizing? diesel and bio-diesel fuel blends is operationally detrimental due to its inherent reduced lubricating properties that create more equipment problems from metal scouring and component wear in the fuel system.  Kerosene fuel blending also decreases efficiency by lowering MPG and engine power.   In the past, Cloud Point could not be lowered more than -2 degrees F (with a laboratory test error margin of -1 to -2 degrees F). 

   THE SOLUTION: Through extensive analyses, Amalgamated Inc. has developed a new Cloud Point Depressant Additive formula that has lowered the fuel?s Cloud  Point as much as 7 degrees F from base fuel temperature in laboratory testing.  This chemical technology is more cost effective for refinery and consumer use than blending kerosene. Without the inherent problems associated with kerosene winterization, refineries save money and fuel users experience more efficient vehicle operations.  This new additive employs a proprietary formulation available only from Amalgamated

   Extensive test data for various base fuels with the Cloud Point Additive to lower the Cloud Point as well as comparrison with K-1 added to achieve the same results, is available.  For more information on our Cloud Point Depressant Additive (AMAL-CPD-2008) or other products contact us