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Wax Dispersing Technology

Press Release
      New Wax Dispersing Technology
"Wax Dispersing Technology for
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) & Bio-Diesel Fuels
exclusively from Amalgamated Inc.
Amalgamated Inc. specializes in custom-blending and marketing fuel additive products that provide precise performance benefits and operational improvements desired by clients in a cost-effective manner.  Amalgamated Inc?s clientele ranges from refineries through the fuel consumer in the USA and overseas.  Following is an update on a revolutionary winterizing component that offers real world solutions to winter fuel worries.

Wax Dispersing Additives (?WDATM?) for Winter Fuels
with Cold Flow Improvement Operability in Low Temperatures

Precipitated paraffin wax is problematic in ULSD fuels and Bio-Diesel fuel blends during frigid temperatures. 


Dispersed paraffin wax is shown with the incorporation of our WDATM Wax Dispersing Additive technology in proprietary formula.


Precipitated Wax w/o WDATM @ - 2F 

WDATM Dispersed Wax @ - 2F


Adding WDATM to diesel fuels and Bio-Diesel blended fuels will reduce the paraffin wax crystal size and shape at fuel temperatures below the Cloud Point AND disperse these smaller wax crystals throughout the fuel matrix.  This will permit the solidified paraffin content (wax) to go through fuel filters and minimize or eliminate any engine operability problems with fuel filter plugging below the Cloud Point temperature.  Using WDATM in distillate fuels (including Bio-Diesel fuels and fuel oils) will also help to lower the CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point)temperature and can provide dramatically improved cold weather operability of the fuels in ambient temperatures as low as 25 to 30 degrees below the fuel Cloud Point temperature.

Cold Room Fuel -20F
Liquid Fuel w/WDATM

Amalgamated Inc?s WDATM has been cold-room OEM fuel filter tested and cold-chamber vehicle tested for real world cold climate results.  Recently Research Laboratories, Inc., a diesel fuel testing laboratory, developed a new test for Amalgamated Inc.  This new laboratory test, The Wax Dispersing Filterability Test (WDFT), is used to determine if wax crystal are being suspended evenly throughout a sample by wax dispersing additives.   

For more information concerning WDATM and testing data or any of Amalgamated Inc?s unique products, please contact us
 Trademark, Amalgamated, Inc., 2007