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How Was Your Winter?

How Was Your Winter?

We?d like to hear from you. 
 * How did your diesel fuel perform this winter?  We?d like to know about it.   
 * Do you drive cross country?  Let us know how you deal with variable diesel fuel quality.

 * Are you responsible for equipment that must run up to 24 hours a day regardless of the weather?  Tell us how you deal with the extreme temperatures.

 * Did you have to blend any K-1 (kerosene) this winter?  What rate?  Why?

 * Did you have any water issues in the diesel fuel?

 * What was different about this winter?  What did you do this year that changed from before and how did it work for you.
 * What are you going to do next year because of things you learned this year?
If you would, please go the Contact Us page and answer a couple of the above questions.  We?d like to hear from you!