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1/1/2014Cleaning Up Engine Deposits is a Very Real Problem
Internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) are a very real problem in today?s diesel fuel injector systems. These deposits are generally unnoticeable at first but if left untreated IDID buildup can decrease engine power, significantly reduce fuel economy, increase emissions and eventually will lead to expensive injector failure and equipment downtime.
10/7/2013Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) "Regen" Issues Corrected
Since the introduction of Diesel Particulate Filter technology (DPF) in the early 2000's to control unburned hydrocarbon emission, the diesel engine manufacturers have innovated and engineered different methods to try to make the DPF equipment work properly with today's ever changing diesel fuels
A premium Home Heating and Boiler Power Fuel Oil Additive.
7/29/2013PayPal is Here!
Amalgamated Inc now proudly accepts credit card purchases via Paypal! See the bottom of the product description page for this feature. Prices on this website for 6 pack quarts up to 5 gallon pail include Domestic shipping. For products without prices, larger quantities, bulk, international, or custom order formulation pricing please contact our office during regular business hours.
7/25/2013Paypal Page
2/28/2013How Was Your Winter?
We'd like to hear from you.
11/6/2012Bus Fleet Additive Test
A municipal bus fleet additive trial shows an outstanding increase of over 7% in fuel economy (MPG). But the most amazing results are the dramatic maintenance savings in filter replacements, fuel injector replacements, and EGR valve replacements.
7/10/2012Exclusive Tar Sands Crude Winterization Additive
Amalgamated, Inc has unlocked the secret of coupling its new "fusion" additive technologies with its already proven successful cold flow technologies to provide unmatched winterization protection in hard to treat Tar Sand Crude based diesel fuels.
7/2/2012Tar Sands Crude - Winterizing
Tar Sands Crude Oil has proven very difficult to treat for winterization.
6/1/2012Eliminate Costly Kerosene Blending
The blending of kerosene for winterization continues, despite the proven loss of horsepower production and the significant reduction in fuel efficiency (fuel economy) with the kerosene blended fuels. Utilizing the right winterization chemical additive(s) lowers the cold flow properties of ULSD fuels. The right winterization chemical additive(s) will provide considerably better winter weather operating protection without the horsepower production losses and fuel economy sacrifices and provides a substantial cost savings to the user.
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