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8/4/2011De-Icer Additives
An explaination of De-Icer additives, what they do any why they are needed.
6/10/2011The "True" Cost of Blending Kerosene vs Winter Additive
A look at the numbers when blending Keorsene versus Winter Additve.
12/15/2010That Ought to Be Good Enough
?That Ought To Be Good Enough? Has Never Been Good Enough At Amalgamated®
12/7/2010Is Premium Diesel Fuel Worth The Premium?
Mr. Gary Pipenger continues his informative series of articles about Premium Diesel Fuel by discussing the premium product versus the premium benefits.
8/4/2010B-100 Biodiesel Manufacturers and Marketers
A comprehensive look at ongoing tests, studies and information about Biodiesel for the producers and marketers of B-100 Biodiesel.
8/2/2010What Is Needed For Premium Diesel Fuel?
The components of a good premium diesel fuel are explained.
7/6/2010Biodiesel Issues - Updated Spring 2010
Biodiesel fuel issues blended with K-1 testing updated.
5/17/2010EGR Valve Issues
Unburned fuel can cause EGR Valve issues.
5/14/2010TDR - What They Are Saying
Unsolicited product comments about TDR.
3/16/2010Biodiesel issues with Kerosene
Bio content settling out of suspension when kerosene added to biodiesel in Minnesota.
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