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  A winterized Premium additive for the consumer.
DFA-1000  A Multi-Purpose Fuel Conditioner with extra detergency and stabilizers.   
PREMIUM  HOA  Premium Fuel Oil Additive
For Home Heating and Boiler Power Fuel Oils with enhanced combustion, detergency and stabilization for improved burner efficiency.

FOA-55HD  Fuel Oil Additive  
Fuel Oil Additive-55 is a total additive package.
MFA-55 Marine Fuel Additive
For Light Distillates. 

  Marine Fuel Additive
For Heavy Distillates.
STABILIZER FSP-55  To protect both light and heavy fuel oil from deterioration during long-term storage.
CFI-2005TM   Cold flow Improver 
A Cold flow Improver Additive for Refineries and Terminals.
Ignition quality improver.
WINTER 3000  Low cost CFPP reducer
An economical winterization additive.


    DFA - 55W® WDA™ is the winter premium diesel fuel additive for the over the road truck driver, transportation, construction and consumer industries.  Two to three cetane numbers provide needed power while De-Icers and wax dispersing agents keep diesel fuel lines from freezing and tanks from jelling.  Detergency is provided to compensate for the quality of diesel fuels bought from various sources on the road.  Lubricity is added to maintain the diesel fuel pump and diesel fuel injector systems at maximum efficiency. 
with WDA (Wax Dispersing Agents)
Winterizing Additive Product Bulletin
    DFA-55W® WDA™ COLD FLOW IMPROVER ADDITIVE CONCENTRATE is specifically formulated for use in all types of fuel for diesel engine powered equipment.  The enhanced quality of this unique multi functional winterizing diesel fuel additive   insures optimum cold weather protection performance without operational problems commonly associated with other winterizing diesel fuel additive products.
Specific Benefits:
DFA-55W® WDA™ COLD FLOW IMPROVER ADDITIVE CONCENTRATE provides the following performance advantages over other typical grade diesel fuel additives available in the world marketplace today:
 * Cold Filter Plugging Point to - 20 C (CFPP)
 * Wax Crystal Shape Modification
 * Reduction of Wax Crystal Size
 * Reduction in Wax Settling Tendency
 * Pour Point Reduction to - 30 C (or more)
 * WDA Wax Dispersing Agents
Other Benefits:
    DFA-55W® WDA™ COLD FLOW IMPROVER ADDITIVE CONCENTRATE is compounded with proprietary ingredients to provide optimum vehicle operability during cold weather.  These ingredients permit winter grade diesel refinery fuels to be produced with a minimum amount of light distillate stream dilution.  This maximizing of heavier diesel streams provides more BTU content for better vehicle acceleration, increased pulling power, and smoother engine idling during cold weather.  These benefits combine to improve fuel economy up to 7 % (MPG) over typically made diesel fuels with substantial amounts of lighter distillate. 
    DFA-55W® WDA™ COLD FLOW IMPROVER ADDITIVE CONCENTRATE usage insures adequate pump and injector lubrication by minimizing the use of dryer “non-lubricating” light distillate in the diesel fuel productions.  This will reduce operating costs and minimize long term maintenance expenditures for the fuel user.
    DFA-55W® WDA™ COLD FLOW IMPROVER ADDITIVE CONCENTRATE is formulated with the most advanced and latest technology developments for winter fuel protection.  The additive in diesel fuel provides the fuel producer the ability to
optimize refinery production and yield while maximizing the performance of the diesel fuels being produced.

User Friendly Fuel:
    DFA-55W® WDATM COLD FLOW IMPROVER ADDITIVE CONCENTRATE is fully compatible with all materials found in typical diesel fuel storage and delivery systems.  This includes (but is not limited to) plastic, synthetic rubber, vinyl,
and metal components normally found in diesel powered equipment systems.
DFA-55W® WDATM COLD FLOW IMPROVER ADDITIVE CONCENTRATE use insures that “no other diesel fuel produced can achieve better cold weather performance results for less cost”.
ã AMALGAMATED, INC.                                                                                           
To purchase product or receive more information, please contact us.

    DFA 1000 is a Multi-Purpose Fuel Conditioner with many of the attributes desired by today’s diesel fuel equipment operators and owners.  Extra detergency and stabilizers are added to improve quality.  Two to three cetane numbers can also be expected to add needed boost while storage stability and performance enhancing chemicals are also included.

    Amalgamated® markets DFA-1000 an ashless   premium performance-concentrated diesel fuel additive. DFA-1000 is a warm-weather, environmentally friendly diesel fuel improver additive formulated expressly to be used for optimum effectiveness within a diesel and distillate fuel’s regular maintenance program.  This diesel fuel additive is specifically formulated to improve diesel fuel combustion efficiency and diesel fuel economy.  Treat rate is 1:1000 or 1000 PPM.
         *  Reducing engine temperatures
         *  Controlling and reducing injector deposits   
         *  Providing effective control of filter plugging
         *  Stabilizing and maintaining the quality of  fuel
         *  Helping provide more power and fuel economy
         *  Lubricating and cleaning all fuel system components
         *  Reducing maintenance costs and equipment downtime.
         *  Controlling rust and corrosion in fuel and storage systems
         *  Promoting better fuel ignition qualities and cleaner burning
AMALGAMATED® products have been fleet to demonstrate improved fuel economy and cold-room tested with WDA™ - Wax Dispersant Additives to prove winterization protection and performance efficiency improvements.   
To purchase product or receive more information, please contact us.
Premium Fuel Oil Additive

PREMIUM  HOA is a Premium Home Heating Oil and Boiler Fuel Additive that is specially formulated with:
Detergent / Dispersants 
         Cleans burner nozzles, burner cups and combustion canisters and  keeps them cleaner.  Lowers fuel oil surface tension to allow finer fuel oil droplets.  Improves atomization and enhances air/fuel mixing.  Buffers fire chamber surfaces to impede adhering of oxide deposits.  Maintains cleaner fuel filters / breaks up inherent fuel insolubles.
Combustion Enhancers & Surfactants
         Combustion enhancers insures proper fuel oil ignition and maximum burning efficiency.  Limits unburned hydrocarbons and minimizes smoke emissions.  Restricts fuel oil deposits in combustion chambers and canisters.   Permits reductions in excess air and reduces carbon soot formations. Neutralizes combustion acids (less SO2 to SO3 & SO4 conversions).

Storage Stabilizer
         Additional stabilizers minimize fuel oil oxidation and retards degradation of annual carry over of fuel from  heating season to season.  Reduces storage sludge build up and diminishes tank scale deposits.  Diminishes particle coagulation to prevent thickening of fuel oils.        
Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors 
         Precludes catatonic attack by fuel oil on metallic surfaces. Retards pre-combustion and post-combustion corrosion.
Deposit Modifiers 
         Reduces fire side deposits and inhibits precombustion buildup.  Retards soot and limits hard crusty post-combustion deposits.  Decreases flame distortion and combustion box impingement.
To purchase product or receive more information, please contact us.
Fuel Oil Additive
    Fuel Oil Additive-55 is a total additive package combining the latest petroleum technology advances for improving fuel oil quality.  The additive is composed of ashless, nonmetallic, organic surface active polymeric amine compounds based on nitrogen chemistry.
FOA-55HD is specifically formulated to improve fuel oil atomization and combustion efficiency, retard system sludge, reduce soot and fireside deposits, and inhibit pre-combustion and post-combustion corrosion.  FOA-55HD is the only treatment required for fuel oil storage, supply, filtering and burner systems.
The treatment has been used effectively in both light and heavy fuel oil applications with reductions of 3 to 7 percent in fuel oil consumption (cost per pound of steam).  The treatment allows boilers and furnaces to be operated more closely to their optimum performance settings to maximize energy utilization and lower overall operating costs.
FOA-55HD exhibits a high tolerance to water and system condensation to help prevent the emulsification of water with fuel oil.  By dropping the water to the bottom of the storage tank, many of the problems associated with water in a fuel oil system will be eliminated.
FOA-55HD is readily miscible and will remain in suspension to insure proper protection and stability during long term storage.  The antioxidants in FOA-55HD help prevent tank scale and rust deposits inherent with long term fuel oil storage. 
FOA-55HD is surface active and will reduce fuel oil surface tension to allow finer atomization and induce more rapid and more complete combustion with lower excess air.  The additive compounds are adsorbed by metallic surfaces, and provide a buffer which helps keep oxides from adhering to the surfaces.  The additive compounds will cause existing oxide deposits to loosen and flake off or scavenge from the system more readily, thus improving heat transfer and lowering stack losses.

An informative performance report has been compiled describing FOA-55HD as a Total Additive Package for Fuel Oil Applications.  
For enhanced combustion, detergency and stabilization for improved burner efficiency we recommend PREMIUM  HOA.
To purchase product, receive a copy of the report or for more information, please contact us.

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Marine Fuel Additive 

   MFA-55 Marine Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate effectively reduces diesel equipment operation problems caused by poor quality marine diesel fuel.  It is ashless and contains no metallic additives or ash-producing materials.  MFA-55 is the most cost-effective means marine fleet operators have in dealing with today’s poor quality diesel fuel.  MFA-55 is an ashless, non-metallic fuel treatment specially blended to improve marine diesel engine efficiency.

Qualities:  MFA-55 Marine Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate (for light distillate fuels) provides the following benefits when used as directed with a comprehensive Fuel Maintenance? Program.

MFA-55 in Marine Diesel Fuel

                * Reduces and controls engine combustion-area deposits.
                * Reduces fuel system filter plugging.
                * Reduces engine-operating temperatures.
                * Improves engine power and fuel economy.
                * Promotes cleaner burning and better engine ignition.
                * Controls rust and corrosion in all fuel systems.
                * De-emulsifies moisture from fuel.
                * Stabilizes fuel and retards oxidation.
                * Disperses fuel insolubles and eliminates system sludge.
                * Disperses moisture from fuel.
                * Reduces maintenance costs and equipment downtime.
                * Reduces or eliminates smoke.

Usage Instructions:  For marine diesel fleet applications, MFA-55 Marine Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate is designed to treat at a ratio of 1:1000 (one gallon MFA-55 for each 1,000 gallons of marine diesel fuel).
For additional combustion and lower emmision improvers we recommend MFOA-55/HD.  See description below.
 To purchase product or receive more information, please contact us

Marine Fuel Additive
    MFOA-55/HD Series Marine Fuel Oil Additive Treatment is specifically designed for use in all grades of marine fuel oil (especially heavy distillates).  
MFOA-55/HD Series Marine Fuel Oil Additive Treatment is specifically designed for use in all grades of marine fuel oil (light and heavy).  This product can be used in all types of power production boiler systems.  The treatment mixes readily with minor agitation and stays in suspension in bunker tanks. 

MFOA-55/HD provides:
* Combustion Acid Neutralent:  Helps neutralize marine fuel oil oxides and corrosive combustion acids formed in the combustion process.  Reduces fireside combustion deposits and tube buildup and the resulting rust formations.
* Burner and System Cleaner:  Penetrant for detergent cleaning action on oil-line gum and varnish buildup.  Aids in more complete combustion and improves burner tip spray efficiency.  Insures cleaner fuel system filters, strainer screens, and retards preheater coking.
* Anti-Oxidant:  Helps prevent sludging and thickening of marine fuel oils and breaks up sludge deposits and retards tank scale and rust.  Stabilizes existing fuel oil conditions and prevents oxidation.
* Anti-Moisture Ingredient:  Prevents sludge-producing oil/water emulsions and improves the burning process through better atomization of marine fuel oils.
* Dispersant:  Reduces particle coagulation of sludge components.  Breaks up sludge deposits and aids in combustion of solid oil particles in colloidal solution in marine fuel oils.
* Combustion Improver:  Improves boiler combustion efficiency and lowers stack gas emissions through cleaner combustion.  Permits reductions in excess air and reduces fuel carbon residue, soot, and smoke. Improves heat transfer and provides quicker heat release and lower heat loss in marine fuel oil-fired systems.
* Reduces Residue:   Ashless and contains no metallic additives.
* Fuel Oil Stabilizer:  Prevents precipitation of organic chemical compounds in blended marine residuals and distillate marine fuel oils.  Effectively retards sludge formation in marine fuel oil blends.
* Surfactant:  Increases marine fuel oil atomization for a more complete combustion at reduced excess air settings by lowering surface tension of fuel oils.
TREATMENT RATIO:  For Initial Cleaning Process, use 1:1,000 to 1:2,000 or one gallon of MFOA-55/HD per one thousand to two thousand gallons (maximum) of marine fuel oil. 
After system and tanks are clean, use from 1:3,000 to 1:4,000 or one gallon of  MFOA-55/HD Additive per two thousand to four thousand gallons of marine fuel oil.  Note:  Treatment strengths will vary depending on oil quality, amount of consumption, burner/boiler effectiveness and condition of bunker tanks and supply system due to amount of sludge and build-up present.

                                                                                ã AMALGAMATED, INC.  
To purchase product or receive more information, please contact us.


    Amalgamated®  markets STABILIZER FSP-55 to protect both light and heavy fuel oil from deterioration during long-term storage.  It offers the maximum stability protection possible using current hydrocarbon technology.  STABILIZER FSP-55 is formulated to protect fuel and fuel systems from the harmful effects of oxidation.  It limits free-carbon fall-out and sludge build-up, allowing fuel storage for prolonged periods.
Following are the characteristics of STABILIZER FSP-55:
Corrosion & Rust Inhibitor: Reduces or eliminates fuel system rust and corrosion.
Anti-Oxidation: Retards the formation of fuel gums, sludges, deposits, and other oxidized products.
Metal Deactivator: Inhibits catalytic decomposition and deterioration of fuel oils by copper.
Sludge Retardant: Reduces fuel pre-heater build-up and keeps supply lines, filters,and fuel systems cleaner.
De-Emulsifier: Improves anti-haze properties to minimize fuel/water emulsion.
Ashless:  Uses only non-ash producing components.

STABILIZER FSP-55 is recommended for fuel stored for any end-use including turbine engines, diesel, and boilers.
STABILIZER FSP-55 stabilized fuel typically can be stored up to 12 months with no significant deterioration.
Though STABILIZER FSP-55 normally treats at a 1:5,000 ratio, the ratio for specific applications varies depending on the quality of the fuel and the anticipated length of time for storage.

 To purchase product or receive more information, please contact us.

Amalgamated Announces Its New Generation 21st Century

Cold Flow Improver Additive


   Amalgamated’s® new CFI-2005™ Cold Flow Improver Additive Concentrate is engineered with the latest advances in polymer technology and our proprietary production process to energize the polymer molecules at the molecular level.

   This enhancement of the chemical structure in the CFI-2005™ Cold Flow Improver Additive Concentrate additive components permits maximum polymer distribution in the treated distillate fuel for a better combination of polymer with the paraffin content.  Accordingly, less active polymer is required to modify the solidified paraffin crystals and depress the fuel’s natural flow point and operability temperature. 

   With a more effective use of the polymer molecules in the treated distillate fuel, the CFI-2005™ Cold Flow Improver Additive Concentrate formula can be produced with less total polymer to permit lower handling properties and eliminate the need for in-storage heating.  This also greatly lowers the additive pour point to -30F (or lower) for improved rack and refinery injection.

   Using the CFI-2005™ Cold Flow Improver Additive Concentrate dramatically lowers the typical winterization additive cost  per treated gallon of fuel for 18 Degrees F (or more) CFPP reduction in most distillate productions.  The additive provides substantial Pour Point reduction in all distillate fuels.

   Additionally, the excited polymers in the CFI-2005™ Cold Flow Improver Additive Concentrate formulation combine much better with other performance additive products used to upgrade distillate fuel quality; i.e. detergents, cetane improvers, lubricity agents, stabilizers, de-icer agents, combustion improvers, etc.

   CFI-2005™ Cold Flow Improver Additive Concentrate incorporates a combination of the newest polymeric chemistry with Amalgamated, Inc.’s proprietary blending capabilities.  This product is unique in its composition and chemical content and is not available from any other additive company anywhere in the world. 

   The  CFI-2005™ Cold Flow Improver Additive Concentrate can be ordered in 55-gallon drums, 330-gallon totes, 6,000-gallon bulk truck loads and 20-MT ISO tanks shipped direct from our headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

To receive more information including test results with various treat rates on numerous fuels, please contact us.
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Amalgamated® uses 2EHN (2-ethyl-hexyl-nitrate) for its cetane ignition improver.  Industry data was collected several years ago for 2EHN and an industry accepted response curve was developed.  This industry Cetane Response Curve is used to determine how much 2EHN is needed to improve the engine cetane number.  The reaction of diesel fuel to cetane improver additive is directly dependent on the responsiveness of the fuel.  “Higher response” fuels show greater improvement in cetane numbers with the addition of 2EHN than the equivalent percentage of 2EHN in “average responding” and “lower responding” fuels.
Cetane Engine requirements vary worldwide.  See News item.    
Amalgamated®  has Cetane available in bulk, tote, drum, and small packaging.
  Please contact us for bulk, or larger quantity pricing and more information.
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WINTER  3000  

Amalgamated's Winter 3000 uses unique new technology for lowering diesel fuel CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) temperature for superior diesel equipment winter operation. This new technology works directly with the nucleator receptors present in all diesel fuels to effectively enhance the molecular bonding of paraffin (and biodiesel) particles.  Improved additive to paraffin bonding allows for lower additive treat rates and SUBSTANTIALLY reduced additive costs.
   This new technology when combined with Amalgamated's porprietary 'one-of-a-kind' WDATM (Wax Dispersing Additive) Technology provides diesel fuel additive packages that are the absolute best operability improver products available.
   For more information about Winter 3000 including Test Data or any other Amalgamated products please contact us.
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