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    Amalgamated® Fuel Oil Additives offer a total additive package combining the latest petroleum technology advances for improving fuel oil quality.  It is the only treatment required for fuel oil storage, supply, filtering and burner systems. 

HOA-090309-W is a Premium Heating Oil and Boiler Fuel Additive that is specially formulated with:
CFPP/ Pour Point depressant - wax modifier controls or eliminates filter plugging
Detergent / Dispersants 
         Cleans burner nozzles, burner cups and combustion canisters and  keeps them cleaner.  Lowers fuel oil surface tension to allow finer fuel oil droplets.  Improves atomization and enhances air/fuel mixing.  Buffers fire chamber surfaces to impede adhering of oxide deposits.  Maintains cleaner fuel filters / breaks up inherent fuel insolubles.
Combustion Enhancers & Surfactants
         Combustion enhancers insures proper fuel oil ignition and maximum burning efficiency.  Limits unburned hydrocarbons and minimizes smoke emissions.  Restricts fuel oil deposits in combustion chambers and canisters.   Permits reductions in excess air and reduces carbon soot formations. Neutralizes combustion acids (less SO2 to SO3 & SO4 conversions).

Storage Stabilizer
         Additional stabilizers minimize fuel oil oxidation and retards degradation of annual carry over of fuel from  heating season to season.  Reduces storage sludge build up and diminishes tank scale deposits.  Diminishes particle coagulation to prevent thickening of fuel oils.        
Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors 
         Precludes catatonic attack by fuel oil on metallic surfaces. Retards pre-combustion and post-combustion corrosion.
Deposit Modifiers 
         Reduces fire side deposits and inhibits precombustion buildup.  Retards soot and limits hard crusty post-combustion deposits.  Decreases flame distortion and combustion box impingement.
Lubricity Improver
         Increases fuel oil lubrication value to protect fuel system. Lessens fuel oil delivery system and burner component wear.
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FOA-55HD      (TREAT RATE: 1 to 4000)

    Fuel Oil Additive-55 is a total additive package combining the latest petroleum technology advances for improving fuel oil quality.  The additive is composed of ashless, nonmetallic, organic surface active polymeric amine compounds based on nitrogen chemistry.

    FOA-55HD is specifically formulated to improve fuel oil atomization and combustion efficiency, retard system sludge, reduce soot and fireside deposits, and inhibit pre-combustion and post-combustion corrosion.  FOA-55HD is the only treatment required for fuel oil storage, supply, filtering and burner systems.
    The treatment has been used effectively in both light and heavy fuel oil applications with reductions of 3 to 7 percent in fuel oil consumption (cost per pound of steam).  The treatment allows boilers and furnaces to be operated more closely to their optimum performance settings to maximize energy utilization and lower overall operating costs.
    FOA-55HD exhibits a high tolerance to water and system condensation to help prevent the emulsification of water with fuel oil.  By dropping the water to the bottom of the storage tank, many of the problems associated with water in a fuel oil system will be eliminated.
    FOA-55HD is readily miscible and will remain in suspension to insure proper protection and stability during long term storage.  The antioxidants in FOA-55HD help prevent tank scale and rust deposits inherent with long term fuel oil storage. 
    FOA-55HD is surface active and will reduce fuel oil surface tension to allow finer atomization and induce more rapid and more complete combustion with lower excess air.  The additive compounds are absorbed by metallic surfaces, and provide a buffer which helps keep oxides from adhering to the surfaces.  The additive compounds will cause existing oxide deposits to loosen and flake off or scavenge from the system more readily, thus improving heat transfer and lowering stack losses.
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