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                                                       (great for truck fleets) 

Description: SDA-1500 Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate effectively reduces diesel equipment operation problems caused by poor quality #2 diesel fuel. It is ashless and contains neither metallic additives nor ash-producing materials. SDA-1500 is a cost-effective means for diesel fleet operations in dealing with today's poor quality fuels and high performance and tight tolerance engines. 

SDA-1500 Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate provides the following benefits when used as directed with a comprehensive Fuel Maintenance™ Program:

* Reduces diesel fuel system filter plugging, using DW-10 detergent to        eliminate both conventional nozzle deposits & IDID deposits in both          newer and older engines.                                                 
* Reduces maintenance costs and equipment downtime.
* Reduces and control diesel engine combustion-area deposits.
* Demulsifier - for moisture control.
* Stabilizes fuel and retards oxidation.
* Improves Cetane engine number 2 to 4 numbers for improved engine      performance.
* Controls rust and corrosion in all diesel fuel systems
* Promotes cleaner burning and better diesel engine ignition.  
* Disperses diesel fuel insolubles and eliminate system sludge.
Usage Instructions:  For diesel fleet applications, SDA-1500 Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate is designed to treat at a ratio of 1:1500 (use one gallon for each 1000 gallons of diesel fuel for quick injector clean-up and improved performance).

For added protection in cold weather we recommend WDA-1000.   To purchase this product or receive more information, please contact us.
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Attention Last day to order individual packaged orders is 12/17/19.   We cannot guarantee orders placed after this date will be able to be shipped.  If not, they will be shipped 01/02/20.
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