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USA B20 Winterizer

USA B-20 WINTERIZER® WDATM ULTRA SOY ADDITIVETM was specifically formulated for soybean based fuel bio-diesel blends.  For other bio source fuels such as palm oil or fryer grease see the Bio Source news item.  
 The problem: 
    B-100 Soy Methyl Ester (100% whole soy bean based fuel) and soy / diesel (bio-diesel) blends (B-2, B-5, B-10, B-20) are typically cold weather protection deficient due to fuel flow problems
 The problem’s affects:
    B-100 Soy Methyl Ester fuels and soy / diesel (bio-diesel) blends (without proper additive enhancement) can have high CFPP (Cold Flow Plug Point) which is the temperature at which the fuel filter will plug. High Pour Point temperatures can cause fuel flow operability problems (fuel pump and filter fouling) at low ambient temperatures during storage, in transportation and in use.

What can be done to alleviate this problem? 
 The answer: 
    Amalgamated, Inc®, a custom-blender of fuel improvement chemicals, has developed  USA B-20 WINTERIZER® WDATM ULTRA SOY ADDITIVETM. This chemical additive package has been laboratory tested and documented to improve the cold temperature fuel flow ability down to -20 degrees F CFPP in all Bio-diesel blends (including B-20 blends) without the use of No.1-D.   The additive also contains a unique “De-Iceragent to lower the moisture freeze point of moisture in Bio-diesel down to –40F    
This special additive product has a pour point of –0F and can be added to B-100 Soy Methyl Ester prior to blending the soy into an additive treated  #2D for efficient rack injection operations down to –20 degrees F ambient. 
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