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WDA-1000   Winter fuel additive

AMALGAMATED® WDA-1000 WDATM, along with other cold flow improvers, reduces the paraffin wax crystal size as well as the shape of the wax crystals.  It does this at fuel temperatures below the fuel Cloud Point allowing these smaller wax crystals to disperse throughout the fuel matrix.  This permits the solidified paraffin content (wax) to go through fuel filters and minimize or eliminate any engine operability problems with fuel filter plugging below the Cloud Point temperature.  

WDA-1000 modifies wax crystals to operate 25 degrees F below the fuel Cloud Point, de-ices suspended water down to -40 degrees F and reduces CFPP by as much as 25 F.                                                                                                                                     
Wax Dispersing Additives (“WDATM”), are an exclusive additive from Amalgamated, Inc 

AMALGAMATED® WDA-1000 contains:

Advanced Injection System Cleaners - keeps injectors clean and free                                                             of deposits
Demulsifier - for moisture control
Fuel Stabilizer - Retards fuel deterioration, Deposit Modifier, Disperses                            fuel insolubles and eliminates system sludge.
Lubricity Agent - Improves engine protection and protects against engine                           wear scarring 
Cetane Improver - For faster start ups and improved performance
Corrosion Inhibitors - controls rust and corrosion for NACE 1-A rating
CFPP reduction - improves fuel operability at low temperatures
Wax Dispersing Additives - helps suspend waxes at low temperatures 
Usage Instructions:  For diesel fleet applications, WDA-1000 Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate is designed to treat at a ratio of 1:1500  to 1:1000 gallons for hard to treat fuels. 

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AMAL-020516-PDAW WDA-1000