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Amalgamated, Inc is dedicated to providing only those additive components in a formulation that our customers require to improve the quality of their diesel fuel products. Our strength is our knowledge and our testing capabilities of what can be accomplished with fuel additives to enhance the performance level desired by our customers.


Amalgamated, Inc has been servicing the distribution supply systems for 30 years with Top ShelfTM premium additive products and winterization protection.


The construction and mining industry need diesel fuel that provides the maximum power for performance as well as ultimate engine protection. Amalgamated offers Top ShelfTM diesel fuel additive products to improve ignition as well as cleaning and lubricating fuel pumps and injectors and extend the life of the diesel fuel delivery system.

When the weather turns cold the work continues Amalgamated Top ShelfTM winter products have CFPP & Pour Point (Anti-Gel) Depressants that lower the CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) temperature by 25 degrees F and reduces the Pour Point (solidification temperature) by as much as 50 degrees F. WDA agents are included that modify and disperse wax crystals to allow them to flow through fuel filters at temperatures 15 to 20 degrees F below the Cloud Point and De-Icers to protect fuel line freeze-up to -40F.


Whether you are in charge of a fleet of trucks or are an owner operator, costs per mile driven for diesel fuel are what owners look at the most. Add in maintenance costs and that quickly takes away from the bottom line profits. Amalgamated has Top ShelfTM products that maximize power with 6 cetane numbers in addition to performance enhancers and increased protection to improve Miles Per Gallon and provide peak diesel engine performance. Improvements of 5% or more in miles per gallon more than offsets the additive cost while increased power and protection puts money back in your pocket!


Whether you are powering your boat with a 24 hp Yanmar or a pair of 435 hp Cat’s, Amalgamated has Top ShelfTM products that outperform others to give you outstanding diesel fuel system protection and improved engine performance.

Is it a 50,000 hp cruise ship that you are concerned with lowering costs? Amalgamated has worked with major cruise lines and freight carriers to deal with their concerns about diesel fuel economy and engine performance on the high seas and we have products that have been proven to perform. Amalgamated has client’s diesel fuel analyzed for quality and Top ShelfTM custom blends products to match performance needs.


Amalgamated,Inc Fuel Oil Additives are a total Top ShelfTM additive package combining the latest petroleum technology advances for improving fuel oil quality. It is the only treatment required for fuel oil storage, supply, filtering and burner systems.

For locomotives, Top ShelfTM custom blended diesel fuel additives are Amalgamated's mark of distinction in the additive business. We are able to give our customers a tailor made additive package at the most cost effective price based off analysis of their diesel fuel. Analysis of the often lower grade diesel fuel used in the rail transportation industry provides a base for Amalgamated to build an additive package that economically increases ignition for power and lowers smoke emissions from unburnt diesel fuel.   Detergent additives clean and maintain diesel fuel system efficiency while lubricants keep them running smoothly.



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