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Winterization Products


    It used to be when cold weather was around the corner you just dumped some kerosene into the diesel fuel tank.  If it was going to get real cold you added more kerosene and hoped your diesel engine would start.  If it started you hoped that it wouldn’t freeze up.  It didn’t matter if you had less power.  It didn’t matter if it increased your costs per mile. It’s what you had to do.
    That was then.  This is now!  Today’s chemistries alter the makeup of the fuel to lower temperatures where it will perform without gelling, freezing or plugging and testing proves it.
Pour Point Depressants
     Pour point depressants reduce the point when fuel jells.  They modify the wax crystals’ shape and size to reduce their formation and allow other flow modifiers to perform as they are designed.

Flow Improvers
     These additives improve cold filterability (CFPP) to avoid fuel filter plugging and help lower the fuel pour point. 

Wax Dispersing Additives

   Wax Dispersing Additives
(“WDATM”), are an exclusive additive from Amalgamated, IncWDATM, along with other cold flow improvers, reduces the paraffin wax crystal size as well as the shape of the wax crystals.  It does this at fuel temperatures below the fuel Cloud Point allowing these smaller wax crystals to disperse throughout the fuel matrix.  This permits the solidified paraffin content (wax) to go through fuel filters and minimize or eliminate any engine operability problems with fuel filter plugging below the Cloud Point temperature.  Using WDATM in distillate fuels (including Bio-Diesel blends and fuel oils) also helps to lower the CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) temperature and can provide dramatically improved cold weather operability of the fuels in ambient temperatures as low as 25 to 30 degrees below the fuel Cloud Point temperature.

Precipitated Wax w/o WDATM @ - 2F 

WDATM Dispersed Wax @ - 2F 

Cloud Point Reducers
    Cloud point reducers lower the temperature at which the fuel paraffin begins to haze or cloud.
De-Emulsifiers & De-Icers
     These additive agents break up fuel water mixtures to prevent freezing during cold temperatures.  Glycol ether type chemicals are the only effective de-icers that work by combining water droplets and dissolving water accumulations.
See De-Icer article for more information.


    TDR-WDA™ is our “Premium All-In-One Winter Additive” for the trucking, transportation, construction and consumer industries.  TDR-WDA™ provides the same maximum power, performance and protection as TDR-S summer additive PLUS the advanced ‘state-of-the-art’ technological winterization you need for operating diesel powered equipment in the coldest winter climates.  
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View the Fuel Savings Calculator when using TDR-WDA™.

Winter Pro™ WDA™   
    Winter Pro™ WDA™ is formulated to provide maximum winterization of today’s Ultra Low Sulfur fuels, high sulfur diesel fuels and distillate fuels.  Winter Pro™ WDA™ provides the most cost effective winterization of distillate fuels and eliminates the need for kerosene blending in the coldest winter climates.  Winter Pro™ WDA™ also includes the most effective moisture De-Icer Agent to reduce the moisture freeze point temperature of diesel fuels and distillates.    
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Ultra Winter Pro™ WDA™   
   ULTRA WINTER PRO™ WDA™  provides the same maximum winterization protection as Winter Pro™ WDA™ PLUS the added boost of cetane improver, detergency and lubricity to keep diesel fuel systems clean and running at maximum performance efficiency and optimum diesel fuel economy. 
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    USA B20 WINTERIZER® WDA™ is specially formulated to provide cold weather protection for today’s biodiesel blends of up to 20% by volume.  USA B20 WINTERIZER® WDA™ allows regular diesel fuels to be blended with biodiesel fuels up to 20% by volume without the use of kerosene or no. 1 diesel fuels.  Detergents are added to keep diesel fuel injectors clean.
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WINTER  3000  

Amalgamated's Winter 3000 uses unique new technology for lowering diesel fuel CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) temperature for superior diesel equipment winter operation. This new technology works directly with the nucleator receptors present in all diesel fuels to effectively enhance the molecular bonding of paraffin (and biodiesel) particles.  Improved additive to paraffin bonding allows for lower additive treat rates and SUBSTANTIALLY reduced additive costs.
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    DFA - 55W® WDA™ is the winter premium diesel fuel additive for the over the road truck driver, transportation, construction and consumer industries.  Two to three cetane numbers provide needed power while De-Icers and wax dispersing agents keep diesel fuel lines from freezing and tanks from jelling.  Detergency is provided to compensate for the quality of diesel fuels bought from various sources on the road.  Lubricity is added to maintain the diesel fuel pump and diesel fuel injector systems at maximum efficiency.  
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