2013 Winter Fuel Problems are No Problem!

Did You Have These Diesel Fuel Winterization Problems In 2013 ?

Hard starting of diesel engines during cold weather?

Excessive white smoke at start up?

Fuel gelling and fuel line freeze-up?

Unnecessary kerosene blending?

Low power complaints and poor fuel economy?

We can fix ALL of these issues

save you money - GUARANTEED!

Amalgamated, Inc customers did not report a single field fuel failure or a single vehicle fuel-related no road-call during the entire winter season of 2013 despite the fact that this past winter was the coldest winter on record for the last decade.

We can do the same for you during 2014 and beyond with the application of our unique and proven winterization diesel fuel additives. Contact us and we will explain how easy this can be done (260-489-2549 or www.amalgamatedinc.com).

"The 'right' diesel fuel additive treated at the 'right' concentration can prevent these equipment operational problems down to -25 degrees F and lower without blending expensive kerosene."

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