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The high cost of today’s diesel fuel poses many disadvantages that the equipment operator must overcome. Diesel fuel additives that will improve performance or reduce costs is welcome, and highly desired by the equipment owner. If it does both it is even better. If a diesel fuel additive reduces costs, improves performance AND reduces fuel system wear while providing lubrication that is fantastic!


Amalgamated only uses lab proven and field tested ingredients in it’s custom blended and premium formulations. The following component categories provide the protection and performance that is demanded when we formulate a package to meet the needs our customers expect.
Cetane improvers aid in start ability especially on cold mornings by reducing the ignition delay time in the combustion chamber. Cetane improves the combustibility of low and mid range diesel fuels by increasing complete combustion thus reducing smoke and odor.
Light duty rotary fuel injection pumps rely on the fuel for lubrication. Lubricity is the fuels ability to reduce friction in moving parts in fuel pumps and injectors. Today’s Ultra Low Sulfur fuels reduce the natural lubrication in the fuel. Lubricity agents increase the fuels ability to reduce friction in moving parts in fuel pumps and injectors.
Detergent additives are used as cleaners to remove carbon and gummy deposits from fuel injection systems and keep them clean to insure a complete fuel spray pattern.
Distillate fuels are organic in nature and from the time of manufacture until it is used it will degrade. Stabilizers retard the natural hydrocarbon degradation of fuel oils during long-term storage. A complete stabilizer package includes de-emulsifiers, sludge retardants, rust-corrosion inhibitors, metal de-activaters and anti-oxidants.
Pour Point Depressants
Pour point depressants reduce the point when fuel jells. They modify the wax crystals’ shape and size to reduce their formation and allow other flow modifiers to perform as they are designed.
Flow Improvers
These additives improve cold filter plug points (CFPP) to avoid fuel filter plugging and help lower the fuel pour point. Other flow improvers like anti wax settling additives suspend wax crystals in fuel tanks to prevent wax sediment that will clog fuel systems.
Cloud Point Reducers
Cloud point reducers lower the temperature at which the fuel paraffin begins to haze or cloud. De-Emulsifiers & De-Icers These additive agents break up fuel water mixtures to prevent freezing during cold temperatures. Glycol ether type chemicals are the only effective de-icers that work by combining water droplets and dissolving water accumulations.
TDR-FL® is our “Premium All-In-One Summer Additive” for individual diesel drivers as well as the trucking, transportation, construction and consumer industries. TDR-FL® provides maximum power with 6 or more engine cetane numbers improvement in addition to operability performance enhancers and increased equipment protection to improve diesel fuel efficiency and increased Miles Per Gallon while providing peak engine performance. Improvements of 5% or more in miles per gallon more than offsets the additive cost while increased power and protection puts money back in your pocket!
TDR-WDA® is our “Premium All-In-One Winter Additive” for individual diesel drivers as well as the trucking, transportation, construction and consumer industries. TDR-WDA® provides the same maximum power, performance and protection as TDR-FL® summer additive PLUS the advanced ‘state-of-the-art’ technological winterization you need for operating diesel powered equipment in the coldest winter climates.

WINTER PRO® WDA is formulated to provide maximum winterization of today’s Ultra Low Sulfur fuels, high sulfur diesel fuels and distillate fuels. WINTER PRO® WDA provides the most cost effective winterization of distillate fuels and eliminates the need for kerosene blending in the coldest winter climates. WINTER PRO® WDA also includes the most effective moisture De-Icer Agent to reduce the moisture freeze point temperature of diesel fuels and distillates.
ULTRA WINTER PRO® WDA  provides the same maximum winterization protection as WINTER PRO® WDA PLUS the added boost of cetane improver, detergency and lubricity to keep diesel fuel systems clean and running at maximum performance efficiency and optimum diesel fuel economy. 
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USA B20 WINTERIZER®  is specially formulated to provide cold weather protection for today’s biodiesel blends of up to 20% by volume. USA B20 WINTERIZER® allows regular diesel fuels to be blended with biodiesel fuels up to 20% by volume without the use of kerosene or no. 1 diesel fuels. Detergents are added to keep diesel fuel injectors clean.
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DFA-55®  is a multi-functional summer premium diesel fuel additive popular with over the road truck drivers and independent diesel fuel users.  This diesel fuel additive contains the four to five cetane numbers typically needed to realize improved diesel engine power production.   Detergency is provided to compensate for the quality of diesel fuels bought from various sources on the road.  Lubricity is added to maintain the fuel pump and injector systems at maximum efficiency.  Diesel fuel stabilizers and distillate fuel corrosion inhibitors are also provided to minimize or eliminate the effects of natural diesel fuel degradation and protect the diesel fuel system from rust and corrosion.
DFA-55W® is the winter premium diesel fuel additive for the over the road truck driver, transportation, construction and consumer industries. Two to three cetane numbers provide needed power while De-Icers and wax dispersing agents keep diesel fuel lines from freezing and tanks from jelling. Detergency is provided to compensate for the quality of diesel fuels bought from various sources on the road. Lubricity is added to maintain the diesel fuel pump and diesel fuel injector systems at maximum efficiency. 
DFA-1000 is a Multi-Purpose Fuel Conditioner with many of the attributes desired by today’s diesel fuel equipment operators and owners. Extra detergency and stabilizers are added to improve quality. Two to three cetane numbers can also be expected to add needed boost while storage stability and performance enhancing chemicals are also included.
MFOA-55/HD® series Marine Fuel Oil Additive Treatment is specifically designed for use in all grades of marine fuel oil (light and heavy distillates). This product can be used in all types of power production boiler systems and diesel engine powered equipment. The treatment mixes readily with minor agitation and stays in suspension in bunker tanks. 
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