Product development begins by establishing a customer’s base line diesel fuel characteristics through extensive laboratory analysis of the customer’s specific distillate (diesel) fuels. Once a custom formulated diesel fuel additive is compounded for a particular customer, extensive testing is undertaken to prove the chemical benefits associated with the diesel fuel additive product. Both in-house and contracted outside laboratories are utilized to verify the performance benefits formulated into every custom diesel fuel additive product.

Additionally, all finished diesel fuel additive products undergo complete laboratory quality control analysis testing prior to shipment to guarantee that each product specification is adhered to within the limits set.
In an effort to inform and explain theory behind distillate (diesel) fuel characteristics and the affect of diesel fuel additives on them periodic articles are written. These have been released through various media outlets as well as compiled and distributed in booklet form.

In addition extensive controlled trials are run throughout the industry to verify the real world results of diesel fuel additives. These too have been compiled and published.
Amalgamated, Inc is constantly laboratory testing new products in order to develop better products for all applications. Once a product is “born” more intensive testing continues, to prove our claims and to compare Amalgamated® products with those of the competition making similar claims.
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