Amalgamated, Inc only uses lab proven and field tested diesel fuel additive ingredients in it’s custom blended and premium distillate (diesel) fuel additive formulations.   The following component categories provide the protection and performance that is demanded when we formulate a package to meet the needs our customers expect.

Main Components


Cetane improver diesel fuel additives aid in start ability especially on cold mornings by reducing the diesel fuel ignition delay time in the combustion chamber.  Cetane improver diesel fuel additives increase the combustibility of low and mid range diesel fuels by enhancing complete combustion thus reducing smoke emissions, unburned hydrocarbons (CO) and odor.

See CETANE for product information.

Light duty rotary diesel fuel injection pumps rely on the diesel fuel for lubrication.  Lubricity is the diesel fuels ability to reduce friction in moving parts in diesel fuel pumps and diesel fuel injectors.  Today’s Ultra Low Sulfur diesel fuels reduce the natural lubrication in the diesel fuel.  Diesel fuel lubricity additives increase the diesel fuels ability to reduce friction in moving parts in diesel fuel pumps and diesel fuel injectors.



Diesel fuel detergent additives are used as cleaners to remove carbon and gummy deposits from the diesel fuel delivery and injection systems and keep the entire system clean to insure a proper diesel fuel spray pattern.  This insures a more complete combustion and increases the power produced.

Today’s Tier 3 and Tier 4 engines with High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) diesel fuel injectors have presented new problems and issues with fuel injector cleanliness.  Amalgamated’s detergents have been tested and certified to eliminate both conventional diesel injector nozzle deposits as well as internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) in both older and newer engines.

Distillate (diesel) fuels are organic in nature and from the time of manufacture (refining) until they are used diesel fuels will degrade.  Diesel fuel stabilizer anti-oxidant additives retard the natural hydrocarbon degradation of diesel fuels and distillate fuel oils during long-term storage. 

See STABILIZER for product information.

Ancillary Additives Chemistries
A complete diesel fuel additive package also includes specifically selected sludge retardants, rust-corrosion inhibitors and metal de-activators.  These ancillary diesel fuel additive components enhance the major Diesel Fuel Performance Additives and add to the overall benefits for the diesel fuel user. 


Pour Point Depressants 

Diesel fuel pour point depressants reduce the point when diesel (distillate) fuels turn to solids (gels).  They function by modifying the wax crystals’ shape and size to reduce their formation and work in conjunction with other flow modifiers to help optimize the performance of these other diesel fuel additives as they are designed.

Cold Flow Improvers 
These diesel fuel additives improve cold filterability (CFPP) to avoid diesel fuel filter plugging and help lower the diesel fuel pour point.  This action will prevent accumulation of the diesel fuel paraffin wax on the bottom of the fuel tanks and prevents wax sediment from clogging the diesel fuel filters and the fuel systems.

Wax Dispersing Additive (WDATM)
WDATM, an exclusive additive from Amalgamated, Inc reduces the paraffin wax crystal size and shape at fuel temperatures below the Cloud Point allowing these smaller wax crystals to disperse throughout the fuel matrix.  This permits the solidified paraffin content (wax) to go through fuel filters and minimize or eliminate any engine operability problems with fuel filter plugging below the Cloud Point temperature.  Using WDATM in distillate fuels (including Bio-Diesel fuels and fuel oils) also helps to lower the CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) temperature and can provide dramatically improved cold weather operability of the fuels in ambient temperatures as low as 25 to 30 degrees below the fuel Cloud Point temperature. 
Cloud Point Reducers
Diesel fuel Cloud Point Reducer additives lower the temperature at which the diesel fuel paraffin content begins to change from a liquid to a solid and haze or cloud.

De-Icers & De-Emulsifiers
These diesel fuel additive agents break up fuel water mixtures to prevent freezing during cold temperatures.  Glycol ether type chemicals are the only effective de-icers that work by combining water droplets and dissolving water accumulations and chemically lowering the freeze point of the moisture.
See De-Icer article for more information.
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