TDR-FL® (Summer) is a  warm weather custom formulated a highly concentrated, truly Premium Diesel Fuel Additive that was developed to help improve the reliability and performance of all diesel fuels for use in any age of diesel vehicle.  
TDR-FL® (Summer)  optimizes the combustion and BTU conversion which will raise fuel economy in light and heavy duty diesel powered vehicles, both on and off road. The combination of our special 'one-of-a-kind' chemistry cuts fuel and maintenance costs.
Treat Rate: 1:400 (1 gallon to 400 gallons) 

This Premium Diesel Fuel Additive contains advanced Technology Injection Cleaners, Lubricity Agents, excellent Combustion Improver, stabilizer, efficient Smoke Suppressants and Amalgamated, Inc's unique LCC (Liquid Catalyst Cleaner).

Cetane Improver: A poor combusting fuel can play havoc on your engine and the only way to improve performance is by adding Cetane. This additive was designed to take a typical low Cetane fuel of 43 and raise the engine Cetane number 5 to 7 numbers. What does this mean to you? Easier starting, more Horse Power, Quieter Idling, Reduced injector failures, reduced DPF filter clogging problems and improved fuel economy (up to 12%).

DW-10 Detergency: The heart of your engine is your fuel system and it is very important to keep the fuel injector system clean and free of deposit build-up. TDR-FL® (Summer) meets Tier 3 and Tier 4 detergency. This additive has been certified to eliminate both conventional diesel deposits as well as internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) in both older and newer diesel engines.

Lubrication: This additive helps to prevent fuel system wear by providing a lubricity rating to the fuel that exceeds the ASTM D-975 Diesel Fuel Requirement Specification for maximum engine protection (Less than 520 UM wear scar by the HFRR Lubricity Test).
Stabilizer: fuel over time can naturally degrade, stabilizer is added to keep fuel fresh and limit deposit build-up and keep supply lines, filters and fuel systems clean.
LCC: Amalgamated's proprietary Liquid Catalyst Cleaner chemistry will keep DPF filters cleaner longer to dramatically reduce DPF regen frequency and time to completion by instigating rapid cleanup and removal of associated post combustion exhaust system fuel deposits.

For optimal winterization protection with the same performance enhancing properties as see our TDR-WDA® (Premium Winter Diesel Additive.)

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