Beat the Heat (of Your Competition) and get your Winter Additive Program in Place Now!

Are you prepared to face the near and sub-zero temperatures of another cold season? Cold temperatures are here!
Amalgamated, Inc offers winter additive packages which are available NOW! Don't wait until the temperature drops to protect your vehicles with a quality winterizing additive blended by us. Once your fuel gels its too late. Why risk damaging your engine with an 'emergency' shot of an alcohol based additive that's not good for your engine.
The real 'solution' is to PLAN AHEAD before you encounter the issue!
Don't leave yourself, your drivers or (worse) your customers standing out in the bitter cold.   Order Amalgamated, Inc's proven TDR-WDA® or DIESEL PRO® (Winter) additives today and prevent the problem!
Not certain which would work best for your unique situation? Contact us today with your questions about performance and pricing.
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