Bio Diesel

Bio Diesel and Bio Diesel Blends Present Many Issues

The additive industry has been lured by society and the buying public to provide people with what they think they want instead of educating them with what they need. Consumers want to research on their computers and other sources for products that they believe apply to their needs and then they want to be able to buy something off of the shelf. Unfortunately, “off-the-shelf” retail diesel fuel additive products usually do not provide what is truly needed.



Until the late 1960’s and early 1970, diesel fuel supplied in North America from light sweet crude oils was usually classified as “above average” quality. The availability of light sweet high quality crude oils has been shrinking and the overall diesel fuel quality world-wide has shown decreasing tendencies. Since crude oil reserves are being consumed at an ever-increasing rate, a continued downward trend seems inevitable. Diesel fuel additives are used to compensate for the decreasing finished diesel fuel quality. There has been extensive research done that shows diesel fuels have different response rates to diesel fuel additives depending on the response rate of the diesel fuel.


There are many sources used today for Bio Diesel. Bio Diesel Fuel can be produced from a variety of natural crops including rapeseed, soybean, mustard, flax, sunflower, canola, palm oil, hemp, jatropha, waste vegetable oils and even algae. While data exists for various diesel fuel response rates to additives, there is not enough verified information on how diesel fuels will respond with various Bio sources blended into them.



Due to diesel fuel response uncertainty and the reaction of various sources of Bio Diesel to diesel fuel, it is imperative that quality testing of the two fuels alone and in combination be done to ensure the final quality of any blends. Amalgamated, Inc. can have your diesel and bio fuel combination tested without and with additives by an independent laboratory at a negotiated price. Research Laboratories, Inc. along with other reputable labs have been working with Amalgamated, Inc. for several years in the development of diesel fuel and Bio Diesel additives. Once testing is completed, Amalgamated, Inc. will “Custom Blend” the precise fuel additives to achieve the performance benefits you want for your diesel fuels and bio blends.


The Amalgamated, Inc. additives will be formulated to target and compliment certain fuel specifications that can then be used to enhance fuel quality by the most cost-efficient means. A small amount (1-2%) of Bio Diesel can fix a lubricity issue in the diesel fuel. But Bio Diesel will not eliminate the need for the following performance chemical components.

1. Cetane Improver (provides better combustibility and improves engine startability)
2. Detergents (insures fuel system cleanliness and enhances fuel atomization)
3. Stabilizers (retards fuel degradation and prevents varnish and sludge formations)
4. Deposit Modifiers (reduction of fuel related pre and post combustion buildup)
5. Corrosion/Rust Inhibition (elimination of metallic component deterioration)
6. Cold Weather Improvers (to minimize cold temperature operability issues)

Winter poses additional fuel flowability and operational problems of Bio Diesel blends. Cloud Point, Pour Point, Cold-Filter Plug Point (CFPP) Reducers, Wax Dispersants and De-Icers are specific fuel additives that should be added to Bio Diesel fuels to protect the purchaser and ensure proper cold-temperature properties in the Bio Diesel fuel. At some point in the supply chain choices need to be made by the Bio Diesel fuel producer, supplier and user. Each of them must determine the “enhancement” needed for the Bio Diesel fuel product by:

(1) Deciding what is needed, and to what degree it should be done at their particular point in the petroleum distribution network.

(2) Reviewing accurate cost justification based on the additional benefits provided so that those extra costs can be passed on to the next marketing sector.

(3) Acquiring these chemistries within the current market system at the most reasonable cost.

Each of these performance additives may be added separately or in combination to a Bio Diesel blend to provide a comprehensive chemical package formulated specifically for the needs of the end user. Amalgamated, Inc., as a custom blender of diesel fuel and Bio Diesel fuel additives, can provide a more cost effective additive package to suit the needs of the user than additives available anywhere on a shelf. To find out more about custom blending and having your fuel and Bio Diesel source tested, contact us today.
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