Bus Fleet Additive Test

City-County Bus Fleet Fuel Additive Test

The diesel fuel additive is a "custom formulated" chemical product compounded to upgrade regular No. 2-D diesel fuel into a truly "Premium" grade diesel fuel. This additive (TDR-FL):

1. Substantially raises the engine Cetane Number
2. Dramatically increases the diesel fuel Detergency Level
3. Significantly improves the diesel fuel Lubricity Value
4. Considerably reduces the diesel fuel Related 'Pre and Post' Deposits
5. Greatly decreases diesel fuel caused Maintenance Costs

This TDR-FL Diesel Fuel Additive optimizes combustibility to promote maximum utilization of every gallon of diesel fuel consumed in a fleet. The effect of this optimization is enhanced fuel efficiency as demonstrated by improved MPG.

The TDR-FL Diesel Fuel Additive has shown +7.72% increased fuel economy (MPG) during the past 12 months of usage at the company's South terminal fleet application.

Additional maintenance savings attributed directly to the improved combustibility of diesel fuel treated with the TDR-FL Diesel Fuel Additive are outlined in the following statistics.

Fleet (Terminal)

Additive Used

(9/1 - 9/30/12)
Filter (Buses) Regenerations

(6/1 - 10/2/12)
Doser Valve

(9/6 - 10/8/12)
Fuel Injector

(6/1- 10/10/12)
EGR Valve Replacements



44 (20)






4 (3)




The above statistics compare the TDR-FL Diesel Fuel Additive "treated" South fleet to the North terminal of the same company with identical "untreated" vehicles between June 1 and October 10, 2012. Both terminals use diesel fuel from the same supply source.

These additional maintenance savings alone far exceed the cost for the TDR-FL Diesel Fuel Additive and enhance to the Total Net Savings for the additive treated fleet.

"The TDR-FL Diesel Fuel Additive is a solid money saving product for all fleets using it".
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