Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) "Regen" Issues Corrected

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) "Regen" Issues Corrected

Since the introduction of Diesel Particulate Filter technology (DPF) in the early 1980's to control unburned hydrocarbon emission, the diesel engine manufacturers have innovated and engineered different methods to try to make the DPF equipment work properly with today's ever changing diesel fuels.

Unfortunately, much of this effort has been unrewarding because of the nature of the DPF equipment to plug up over time with very fine carbon particles that remain unburned despite the design of the system.

Most DPF systems have built-in "regeneration" technology which attempts to clean the DPF system over time by injecting small quantities of diesel fuel into the system in order to (theoretically) burn those carbon particles that collect in the system.

And, while some of these regeneration systems help to remove the collected carbon, none of the regeneration systems completely clean the entire system. Therefore, in time, an expensive manual cleaning involving complete removal of the DPF system must be done.

Amalgamated, Inc recently completed testing of one of its unique "custom formulated" diesel fuel additive products in an inter-city bus fleet that showed an 80 percent reduction in DPF regeneration requirements. This 50 vehicle fleet test over a two year period also showed:

(a) Reduced Fuel Injector Replacements of 85%,

(b) Reduced EGR Valve Replacements of 90%,

(c) Increased Fuel Economy (MPG) of more than 7.72%.

The Amalgamated, Inc diesel fuel additive (TDR-FL) contains proprietary chemistry to:

(a) Enhance diesel fuel combustion efficiency,

(b) Cleanup the fuel delivery system and keep it clean,

(c) Prevent pre and post combustion deposits,

(d) Increase the diesel fuel lubrication value,

(e) Stabilize the fuel and prevent inherent degradation,

(f) Minimize unburned fuel carbon formations and prevent smoke emissions,

(g) Reduce DPF fuel injector plugging and insure proper operation

The Amalgamated, Inc TDR-FL Diesel Fuel Additive is specifically formulated and compounded to work in all types of diesel engines whether operating at minimum RPM and load settings or maximum horsepower production levels.

The chemistries in the Amalgamated, Inc TDR-FL Diesel Fuel Additive produce no ash and are safe to use in all types of emission reduction equipment used on today's diesel engines. The additive is no more hazardous than today's typical diesel fuel and the other chemistries normally included in today's diesel fuels by petroleum refiners and supplier/distributors throughout the industry. The additive is safe when used as directed in well established diesel fuel handling programs and well maintained diesel engine maintenance program applications.

Amalgamated, Inc TDR-FL Diesel Fuel Additive recommended treat rate is 1:400 (1 gallon of additive per each 400 gallons of diesel fuel) and it can be supplied in 2.5-gallon and 5-gallon plastic jugs, 55-gallon steel drums, 330-gallon one-way totes and 6,500-gallon bulk truckloads.Additional information on the

Amalgamated, Inc TDR-FLDiesel Fuel Additive is available at www.amalgamatedinc.com. It can be ordered by calling 260-489-2549 USA between 8:30am to 5:00pm weekdays.

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