Minus 30 Degrees (-30F) and NO PROBLEMS!

You might have noticed it has been a little cold during the winter months across the U.S.
OK, actually it has been extremely cold with overnight sub-zero temperatures that in many states did not get much warmer during the day. While such temperatures may be the norm in arctic climates, they ARE NOT normal for the lower 48 states. Many industries were caught unprepared for the sudden and severe drop in ambient temperature that swept across our country in winter.
Businesses, schools, government agencies, and municipalities all have encountered mornings where their heavy duty diesel buses, trucks, and equipment FAILED TO START due to the extreme cold overnight temperatures. When vehicles do not run or diesel powered emergency generators fail to start, school days get canceled and businesses are forced to close up shop for the day…or days. Bye-bye profits and worse (in our children's minds at least) farewell summer vacation as many states are considering extending school years to account for the excessive number of 'snow' days.
Amalgamated, Inc customers have continued to operate at full capacity during the coldest of temperatures in winter even when the ambient temperatures reaches minus 30 degrees F (-30F) and below. They operate with confidence, knowing their fuel is protected by the best premium winter diesel fuel additive available. When it comes time to turn the key, there is no doubt as to the results.
We want to help you too! Contact us at 260-489-2549 and let us discuss with you how best to solve your cold weather problems and keep you moving this, and every winter.
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