NEW! CFI-2018- TRIPOLYMER- Winter Diesel Additive

Optimize your Diesel Fuels Winter Operability

Use - CFI 2018

Amalgamated, Inc would like to introduce you to CFI 2018 a unique ‘state-of-the-art’ diesel fuel additive that offers a special wax dispersing technology for lowering diesel fuel CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) temperature for superior diesel equipment winter operation.

This new TriPolymer Additive technology (exclusive to Amalgamated, Inc.) prevents paraffin wax precipitation during cold weather, by minimizing the size of the wax crystals and fully suspending the wax crystals up into the fuel. This allows the diesel fuel to travel through the fuel filter at temperatures 25°F or more below the Cloud Point (wax temperature point) of the diesel fuel. Improved additive to paraffin bonding allows for lower additive treat rates and reduced additive costs.

This additive makes it unnecessary to blend #1 diesel fuel or kerosene. These fuels rob your customers’ fuel economy and reduce the lubricity protection of the diesel fuel. The additive also includes a De-Icing agent which provides fuel freeze up protection down to as low as -40° F for typical diesel fuel moisture content.

An additive dosage rate as little as 1 part per 1500 will reduce the CFPP for acceptable operability in nearly all diesel fuels. A dosage ratio of 1 part per 1000 can achieve even greater protection for those hard to treat ULSD fuels or fuels with up to 5% Biodiesel.

Free winter analysis testing and comparison!!!!

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CFI 2018 - CFPP Test Data

Diesel Fuels Treated at 1:1500

Lab Control


Fuel Source





CFPP Change

Degrees (F)



Marathon - Canton, OH







Lima North, OH






Guttman Fuel, OH






Sunoco PBF, Toledo OH






Ergon, WV






Marathon, OH





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“CFI 2018” - Winter Diesel Fuel Additive is fully compatible with all materials found in typical diesel fuel storage and delivery systems. This includes (but is not limited to) plastic, synthetic rubber, vinyl, and metal components normally found in diesel powered equipment systems.

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