Eliminates EGR Valve Cleaning In Diesel Engines

Amalgamated, Inc® conducted an extended Diesel Fuel Performance Additive Treatment Program using its uniquely formulated TDR-FL® (Summer) in a large diesel vehicle fleet operation in southeastern USA for two years.


The test program started with a desire of the fleet manager to increase fleet fuel efficiency, the intent of the program quickly moved to a reduction in fuel related maintenance costs.


BEFORE TREATMENT the diesel fleet vehicles had experienced various maintenance issues such as:

  • Multiple Fuel Injector replacements
  • Frequent Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regenerations
  • High number of EGR Valve replacements
  • Excessive Fuel Pump malfunctions and replacements

AFTER TREATMENT the previously experienced maintenance issues showed these following improvements:

  • A 92% reduction in Fuel Injector replacements
  • A 91% reduction in DPF Regenerations
  • A 75% reduction in EGR Valve replacements
  • A 88% reduction in Fuel Pump replacements


During the first six month and driving a half million miles using the TDR-FL® (Summer) diesel fuel additive, the test fleet fuel economy increased by +7.26 percent. The MPG improvement increased over the next eighteen months to an improvement of +7.72 percent with continued use of the additive.

The maintenance cost savings alone paid for the cost of the diesel fuel additive several times over, so the fuel economy improvement (reduction in fuel usage) represented an additional substantial 'Net Savings' for the fleet.


Amalgamated, Inc® would welcome the opportunity to set up a program with your organization to demonstrate the benefits of this additive in your diesel powered equipment. You have everything to gain for your operation and nothing to lose. Please feel free to call us at 260-489-2549 or email us through our contact us page.


For more information see TDR-FL® (Summer) under the Products page.


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