PREMIUM HOA-W is a Premium Winterized Heating Oil and Boiler Fuel Additive that is specially formulated with:
Detergent / Dispersants
Cleans burner nozzles, burner cups and combustion canisters and keeps them cleaner. Lowers fuel oil surface tension to allow finer fuel oil droplets. Improves atomization and enhances air/fuel mixing. Buffers fire chamber surfaces to impede adhering of oxide deposits. Maintains cleaner fuel filters / breaks up inherent fuel insolubles.
Combustion Enhancers & Surfactants
Insures proper fuel oil ignition and maximum burning efficiency. Limits unburned hydrocarbons and minimizes smoke emissions. Restricts fuel oil deposits in combustion chambers and canisters. Permits reductions in excess air and reduces carbon soot formations. Neutralizes combustion acids (less SO2 to SO3 & SO4 conversions).

Storage Stabilizer
Additional stabilizers minimize fuel oil oxidation and retards degradation of annual carry over of fuel from heating season to season. Reduces storage sludge build up and diminishes tank scale deposits. Diminishes particle coagulation to prevent thickening of fuel oils.
Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors
Precludes catatonic attack by fuel oil on metallic surfaces. Retards pre-combustion and post-combustion corrosion.
Deposit Modifiers
Reduces fire side deposits and inhibits pre-combustion buildup. Retards soot and limits hard crusty post-combustion deposits. Decreases flame distortion and combustion box impingement.
Lubricity Improver
Increases fuel oil lubrication value to protect fuel system. Lessens fuel oil delivery system and burner component wear.
CFPP Reduction
Lowers the CFPP up to 20F in most diesel fuels plus lowers pour point by as much as 30F
Treat rate can be as low as 1 to 2000
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