Tar Sands Crude - Winterizing

Winterizing Tar Sand Crude Oil Based Diesel Fuels

Much has been written about the Keystone Pipeline Project that would bring Canadian tar sand crudes from western Canada to the American Gulf Coast refineries. However, nothing has been published about the finished fuels, distillate fuels in particular and more specifically, the diesel fuels that will be produced from these crude oils.

The USA refineries certainly can adjust their processes to make finished diesel fuels from tar sand that appear to be the same as fuels from traditional crude oils. But, the manner in which these finished diesel fuels respond to the various winterization additives available today is entirely another story.

Amalgamated, Inc. began testing tar sand based diesel fuels more than six years ago using well-known and significantly effective winterization additive formulations. Unfortunately, using those proven chemistries had little or no effect on lowering the cold flow properties of the finished diesel fuels made from tar sand crudes.

Traditional chemistries at dramatically higher treat rates and significantly higher application costs showed unacceptable cold filter plugging point (CFPP) temperature improvements of only a few degrees. Even the finished fuel pour point (PP) proved difficult to reduce in these fuels.

As a result, extensive laboratory testing programs were undertaken that led into unchartered chemistry territories for fuel additive companies. These original testing programs uncovered a very limited number of fuel chemistries that had any affect at all on these new tar sand crude based diesel fuels. And, all of these chemistries would require significant amounts of kerosene (No. 1-D) fuel to be added to tar sand diesel fuels in order to lower the CFPP and Pour Points.

Persistence paid off for Amalgamated, Inc. and today, it is the only fuel additive company that can offer an additive that successfully lowers the CFPP and PP of tar sand crude based diesel fuels at a cost effective treat rate "without" the use of any kerosene or No. 1-D additions.

If you are processing tar sand crudes or purchasing diesel fuels made from tar sand crude oil for use during the winter month, this new proprietary Amalgamated, Inc. additive formulation, EPA registered as AMAL-053012-W, is an essential addition to avoid operational problems with diesel powered equipment.

Lab test data is available to demonstrate the effectiveness of this distillate fuel additive product. For your own verification testing, request a sample from our Contact Us page.

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