What Our Customers Say...

October 29, 2013 (after first tank fill - just 7oz. of TDRS/FL)
"The results were almost too good to be true. 260 miles in every day suburban (very little highway) driving before a regen occurred."
December 02, 2013 (after approximately 30 days utilizing TDR-FL, TDR-S Plus, and CA additives)
"All of the products increase fuel economy from 4% to 10%. TDR-FL seems to have a slight edge. In city driving CA and TDR-S Plus are neck in neck at 15.6 MPG where I'd normally see 14.8 on winter fuel. However, TDR-FL shows the best MPG during extended highway driving; 20 MPG vs. 17.9 from the other 2. That is about what I see on non-winter blend fuel. I also see a sharper ramp-up from city to some 2-lane blacktop rural driving. On TDR-FL mileage quickly ramps up to 17.0+ while the other 2 won't get me past 16 in the same type of driving."
June 5, 2014
"I'm averaging between 1.5 and 2.5 regens per tank depending on how much stop and go traffic I encounter. That doesn't sound all that impressive until you know that under the same conditions I'd usually see 5-6 regens per tank without TDR-FL."
Thanks for those reports. Keep on trucking!
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