Diesel Fuel Winterization Breakthrough Lowers Cost !!
Introducing :
A new and exciting breakthrough product from Amalgamated®.

Amalgamated, Inc. announces its unique new technology for lowering diesel fuel CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) temperature for superior diesel equipment winter operation.

This new technology works directly with the nucleator receptors present in all diesel fuels to effectively enhance the molecular bonding of paraffin (and biodiesel) particles. Improved additive to paraffin bonding allows for lower additive treat rates and SUBSTANTIALLY reduced additive costs.

Additive dosage rate of as little as 1 part per 2500 can reduce the CFPP to acceptable levels in nearly all diesel fuel usage areas in the USA.

Additive treat costs per gallon can be as low as $0.0075 (7.5 tenths of a cent per gallon of diesel fuel)!

This new technology when combined with Amalgamated, Inc.’s proprietary ‘one-of-a-kind’ WDATM (Wax Dispersing Additive) Technology provides diesel fuel additive packages that are the absolute best operability improver products available.

Amalgamated, Inc.’s custom formulated additive products allow the diesel fuel refiner, supplier and/or user the opportunity to utilize “unmatched” winterization protection and equipment performance at the lowest possible cost in the market today.
For more information about the exciting breakthrough product, Winter 3000 see Test Data or for other Amalgamated winterization or performance products contact us.
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