Diesel Pro® “Enhanced” Summer with Microbitect
Inhibits Microbial Growth


Diesel Pro® "Enhanced" Summer with Microbitect Diesel Fuel Additive is a state of the art summer diesel fuel additive designed to protect the fuel from microbial formation and improve the fuels reliability and performance for all diesel engine powered equipment.

Specific Benefits:
Diesel Pro® "Enhanced" Summer with Microbitect Diesel Fuel Additive concentrate provides the following performance enhancements to typical #2 grade diesel fuels available in the world marketplace today:

Improves Cetane for better engine performance DW-10 Detergent - keeps injectors clean and free of deposits Improves Lubricity to 460µm or less -protects the engine from excessive wear scarring Biocide - Kills and Protects against Microbial growth Stabilizes fuel and retards oxidation Corrosion Inhibitor - controls rust and corrosion Disperses water

Other Benefits:

Diesel Pro® "Enhanced" Summer with Microbitect Diesel Fuel Additive is compounded with proprietary ingredients to provide optimum engine operability during warm weather. Increased pulling and smoother engine idling along with lubricity, detergent, deposit modifier additives PLUS water dispersant and Microbial protection to help fight moisture. These benefits combine to improve fuel economy over typically made diesel fuels.

Directions for use:
Add Diesel Pro® "Enhanced" Summer with Microbitect Diesel Fuel Additive to tank prior to adding fuel for best mixing. Keep additive in cool dry place out of sun. Keep container lid closed tight.

Treat Rate: 1-gallon per 1500 gallons of diesel fuel. 1-gallon per 1,000 for quick injector clean-up and kill

Typical Properties Appearance light to dark amber Viscosity, cSt @ 40 C 3.9014cst Specific Gravity 60°F 0.9490 API Gravity @ 60 F 17.6 Pounds per Gallon 7.8

User Friendly: 

Diesel Pro® "Enhanced" Summer with Microbitect Diesel Fuel Additive is fully compatible with all materials found in typical diesel fuel storage and delivery systems. This includes (but is not limited to) plastic, synthetic rubber, vinyl, and metal components normally found in diesel powered equipment systems.

To purchase: 
See our webstore page for Diesel Pro® Diesel Fuel Additives.   Feel free to call us today at 260-489-2549 for bulk pricing (drums and totes) of  Diesel Pro® "Enhanced" Summer with Microbitect  and confidential discussions pricing for the inclusion of Microbitect into other Amalgamated, Inc diesel fuel additives. 
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