Is Your Diesel Fuel Protected For The Winter?

Or Is It Simply Blended With Kerosene?
Like many of us, change is hard to come by. You’ve been using K-1 for years to provide winterization protection for diesel fuel and it has worked for you. Heck, back when we first started using diesels, kerosene was the only thing available for cold weather additives to keep our fuel from gelling. Have you ever wondered, as you’re going down the road on one of those real cold mornings, what it really is that kerosene does?

I suppose you’ve noticed it takes a little more throttle and the RPM’s run a little higher when you are getting up to speed. The result is a power loss and a loss of fuel economy (MPG). The higher the diesel fuel blend with kerosene, the more power and MPG drops off. These losses are the result of several factors (a) the lower BTU content of blended fuels, (b) the changes in distillation temperatures of blended fuels that affect combustion rates, (i.e.: heat release and pressure build up within the engine cylinders), (c) the changes in fuel viscosity of blended fuels that affect injection spray pattern and fuel atomization and (d) the lower BHP - brake horse power productions achieved with blended fuels. All of this reduces your performance as well as adding to your costs per mile driven because you drive fewer miles with less power and added diesel fuel cost.

Amalgamated® is a custom blender of diesel fuel cold weather and performance additives. We have been in business for over 30 years providing protection and performance distillate fuel additives to refineries, terminals, farmers and truckers like you. Today’s chemistries alter the makeup of the diesel fuel to lower temperatures so it will perform without gelling, freezing or plugging during cold weather and testing proves it. All of this is done without a reduction in performance. In fact, most of our products are formulated to increase cetane engine numbers, clean diesel fuel injectors and lubricate diesel fuel pumps, adding life to your truck with less maintenance and more power at less cost.

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® Amalgamated is a Registered Trademark of Amalgamated Inc.
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