Exclusive Tar Sands Crude Winterization Additive




Amalgamated, Inc announces its new winterization additive for Canadian Tar Sand Crude based diesel fuels. This custom formulated winterization additive is specifically compounded with unique combinations of the latest proprietary 'state-of-the-art' technologies offered exclusively by Amalgamated, Inc.

Tar Sand Crude Oil based diesel fuels do not respond favorably to traditional winterization chemistries making them nearly impossible to use in cold weather applications. Blending high volumes of light distillate kerosene (50 to 60 percent) has typically been the only possible method to use these fuels during cold weather.
Amalgamated, Inc has unlocked the secret of coupling its new "fusion" additive technologies with its already proven successful cold flow technologies to provide unmatched winterization protection in these hard to treat Tar Sand Crude based diesel fuels. And, no light distillate kerosene blending is required with proper application of this new Amalgamated, Inc additive.
The new additive (Amal-053012-W) significantly improves equipment operability by lowering the fuel's Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) and reducing the natural Pour Point (PP) temperatures of diesel fuels while dispersing the paraffin wax content formed in today's Tar Sand Crude Oils.

This triple action additive can allow Tar Sand Crude based diesel fuels to perform exceptionally well at winter temperatures well below the fuel Cloud Point (CP) temperature without the addition of light distillate kerosene fuels.

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