TDR - What They Are Saying

TDR - What They Are Saying

TDR is a proven Premium diesel fuel additive that has been on the market now for over 10 years. It contains advanced Technology Injection Cleaners, industry proven Fuel Stabilizers, Lubricity Agents, excellent Combustion Improvers, and efficient Smoke Suppressants. But you don't have to take our word for it. Unsolicited responses from users to forum questioners often speak for us.

24V-DSL from Pacific Wonderland has been a TDR product user since it was first developed. He likes the 6+ cetane boost and at about half the cost of other products he's ran.

Barrelsaver from Tulsa, OK got enough information to peak his interest about TDR-S that he called and talked to Owner Gary P and ordered 5 gallon of the product to be shipped to him for his Dodge Sprinter.

Live Oak from Turnbo Hollow, TN at talks about using TDR-WDA year round for his Cummins diesels and his John Deere tractor. He especially likes the price.

SmokinCummins discusses in about traveling across the United States from Maine to California and Michigan to Texas. He does the math and figures he saves thousands of dollars a year over other products. He says it's the best product that he has run.

We'd like to hear from you. Tell us your experiences with TDR. What do you have to say about using TDR and your experiences with this and other products. Contact Us.
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