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4/13/2020"New" Diesel ProŽ Additives - America's BEST Diesel Fuel Additive
Diesel ProŽ Additives are the newest, chemically superior line diesel fuel additives on the market today. Flexible to fit your needs whether you want a light touch of performance improvement or the broad spectrum, fully premium diesel fuel additive. Consider Diesel ProŽ 3000 Summer for boosting the quality of your diesel fuel in warm weather or Diesel ProŽ 3000 Winter anti-gel/deicing additive to get your fleet ready to keep rolling in cold weather with options for indoor or outdoor additive storage. The new Diesel ProŽ line of fuel additives have the fix you need for a price you will love.
3/16/2020Reduce or Shorten Regens with LCC (Liquid Catalyst Cleaner from Amalgamated, Inc
Shorten regen time, reduce frequency, and keep DPF filters cleaner longer with NEW LCC from Amalgamated, Inc.
7/8/2019Has Your Additive Supplier Raised Your Prices?
Has your additive supplier raised their prices for winterization additives? Or did they 'cut' you a deal to keep your business when you had problems in cold weather? Why pay more for the same old thing? Worse, why pay LESS for an additive that didn't work when you needed it to? How how does $0.02 or less per gallon treat cost? Amalgamated, Inc presents CFI-2018, an effective winterization additive formulated specifically with our exclusive tri-polymer chemistry. Protect your fleet and diesel powered equipment for less! Contact us at 260-489-2549 for pricing and questions.
2/14/2019Another Customer Reports Amazing Results
A new TDR-WDA customer located in central Indiana, has reported the elimination of DPF clogging and regular injector replacements. Their vehicle systems only perform forced (computer mandated) regeneration. The reduction and/or elimination of regular needed maintenance has proven to be a tremendous cost savings. TDR-WDA can do the same for your fleet in addition to the MPG improvement and Performance ProvenŽ cold weather operation. Call us at 260-489-2549 for more details!
8/27/2018NEW! CFI-2018 - TRIPOLYMER - Winter Diesel Additive
NEW! EXCLUSIVE TRIPOLYMER winter diesel additive by Amalgamated, Inc. Unique blend of winterization chemistry to protect your engine in cold weather. SAFE for all components of your tanks and fueling system. Ready for order now. Get yours today!
8/1/2018Additive Promises: Facts or Fictions
What assurances does your additive supplier offer? Will they test their product with your fuel and provide you with the results so that you know their additive is working the way they claim it does? Amalgamated, Inc does.
5/14/2018DPF Regens Disappear!!
Recently a new customer who purchased TDR-FL (premium) diesel fuel additive reported to us about a significant change in DPF regens on their 150+ unit fleet. The rate of active regeneration dropped from averaging every 2 days per unit to ZERO (0)!!!! That is incredible considering the stop and go nature of their drivers daily routines. Fuel economy improvement, reduced maintenance expenditures, increased life-span of your diesel vehicles. Ask us how we can do the same for you today!
1/1/2018Minus 30 Degrees (-30F) and NO PROBLEMS!
Extremely cold weather caused disruptions everywhere in the U.S over the past two weeks. Improperly treated diesel fuel was the culprit in most cases. Winter additive failures result in lost productivity, vehicle damages, unhappy employees and angry customers. Amalgamated, Inc's customers do not reported a single instance of additive related out-of-service down time. We want to help you achieve the same incredible results this winter.
11/27/2017The Proof is Right Before Your Eyes
Amalgamated, Inc recently performed testing on an EMD 645 DORTX-2000 turbo charged locomotive and video recorded the before (pre-treated) and after (treated with TDR-FL for 30 days) effect on the amount of smoke produced while operating at 8 throttle settings.
10/2/2017Beat the Heat (of Your Competition) and get Your Winter Additive Program in Place Now!
Are you prepared to face the near and sub-zero temperatures of another cold season? Cold temperatures are here! Amalagamated, Inc offers winter additive packages which are available NOW. Don't wait until the temperature drops to protect your vehicles from the cold. Once your fuel gels it is too late. Don't risk your engine with an 'emergency' shot of and alcohol based additive after the fact, plan ahead.
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