Amalgamated, Inc® has formulated two variations of its DIESEL PRO® SUPERIOR (WINTER) to address the different storage needs of the user. No two situations are exactly alike but it can be summed up into the answer to one question.

Will the additive be stored indoors (temperature controlled environment) or outside (exposed to temperature extremes)?


Different chemistry is needed to maintain the base additive in a liquid state when stored outside and exposed to potentially severely cold temperatures.    With that in mind, Amalgamated, Inc® offers the choice of it's DIESEL PRO® SUPERIOR (WINTER) in two formulaic variations:


DIESEL PRO® SUPERIOR (WINTER) High Pour Point (HPP) - must be kept indoors in a heated structure and not exposed to temperatures at or near freezing, such as a working garage, office, or maintenance building/office.   If left out at temperatures at or below 32o F product will likely gel first, then solidify and be difficult or impossible to dispense from the bottle and blended.   However, due to the reduced volume of chemistry needed to be effective the pricing is more attractive to cost sensitive buyers. 


DIESEL PRO® SUPERIOR (WINTER) Low Pour Point (LPP) - for when the actual additive itself will be stored outdoors or in a structure which is not constantly heated or maintained.  An example would be in a truck cab, trunk, open shed or outdoor pallet.  The additive will remain liquified down to 0o F and blend easily with diesel fuel.  




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