Winter weather can be unpredictable.   Savvy safety and operations managers do not wait until the last minute to protect their diesel fuel from cold weather.   With the proper combination of chemistries there is no reason to doubt if a diesel engine will start in the coldest of temperatures.   Amalgamated, Inc offers the 'right' balance of winterization chemistry in it's Top ShelfTM premium formulations to ensure your equipment starts on the first try.


Is your current additive 'cheap at twice the price'?  That is what you are paying (or more) when a label states 'for temperatures at zero degrees F or below, double the treat rate.'     Double the treat rate means doubling your costs.   Read the label, you will be surprised.     


premium quality Top ShelfTM diesel fuel additive formulated by Amalgamated, Inc does not require you to 'double down' on your bet of whether or not your engine will start. 


Do not leave yourself, your drivers, or your customers out standing in the cold.      Start with with winter diesel fuel additives from Amalgamated, Inc and KNOW your vehicle's fuel will not fail due to additive related issues when you need it most.    




TM Amalgamated, Inc