Diesel Pro® Elite Winter

  A Truly Premium Winter Diesel Fuel Additive


DIESEL PRO® ELITE (WINTER) is a specifically formulated Top ShelfTM Diesel Fuel Additive that is for use in all types of diesel powered equipment. The ENHANCED quality of this unique multifunctional winter diesel fuel additive insures optimum engine protection and performance during any weather condition.


DIESEL PRO® ELITE (WINTER) is compounded with proprietary ingredients to provide optimum vehicle operability during cold weather. Benefits include increased pulling power, smoother engine idling, lubricity, detergency, deposit modifiers, and water dispersant.


Recommended treat ratio: 1 gallon to 500 gallons of diesel fuel (1 quart to 125 gallons of fuel)


Utilizing DIESEL PRO® ELITE (WINTER) offers:

  • Lower CFPP (cold filter plug point) by as much as 25-35oF below the cloud point
  • Wax dispersing agents with Full wax suspension
  • Cetane for quicker ignition (+4 numbers)
  • Quick clean up of injectors, keeps clean and free of deposits
  • Improved lubricity protects against excessive wear scarring
  • Deposit modifiers to disperse insolubles and sludge
  • Stabilizes fuel against oxidation for 180 days
  • Corrosion inhibitor (A- rating)
  • Disperses water to protect against freezing down to -40oF

DIESEL PRO® ELITE (WINTER) is also available in bulk gallons, 330 gallon totes and 55 gallon drums.     For more information and bulk quantity pricing contact us.




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