TDR-S Plus

Maximum performance from a genuinely top quality diesel fuel additive. Perfect for older, finicky equipment that fails to achieve top performance with modern diesel fuels.




A balanced diesel fuel additive to help keep older fleets and diesel powered equipment operating smoothly. 


TDR-S PLUS SUMMER DIESEL FUEL ADDITIVE CONCENTRATE is specifically formulated for use in all types of fuel for diesel engine powered equipment. The enhanced quality of this unique multifunctional summer diesel fuel additive insures optimum engine protection and performance.

Specific Benefits:

TDR-S PLUS SUMMER DIESEL FUEL ADDITIVE CONCENTRATE provides performance enhancements to typical #2 grade diesel fuels available in the world marketplace today:

  • Cetane improvement 7 numbers 
  • DW-10 detergent eliminates conventional nozzle deposits & IDID in both older and newer engines
  • Lubricity component improves rating for greater engine protection from excessive wear scar damage
  • Demulsifier - separates water from fuel
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Stabilizes fuel and retards oxidation


Other Benefits:

TDR-S PLUS SUMMER DIESEL FUEL ADDITIVE CONCENTRATE is compounded with proprietary ingredients to provide optimum vehicle operability during warm weather. Increased pulling power, and smoother engine idling along with lubricity and detergent additives help to protect vital engine components and improve performance. These benefits combine to improve fuel economy up to10-15 % (MPG) over typically made diesel fuels.

Directions for use:

Add TDR-S PLUS additive to tank prior to adding fuel for best mixing. Keep additive in cool dry place out of sun. Keep container lid closed tight.

Treat Rate: 1-gallon per 400 gallons of diesel fuel.


Typical Properties

Appearance Dark amber

Flash Point, PMCC Deg F (C) 142°F

Viscosity, cSt @ 40 C 1.8365cst

Specific Gravity 60°F 0.9351

API Gravity @ 60 F 15.4

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