Amalgamated, Inc has over 45 years of experience meeting the needs of all diesel fuel users by addressing the deficiencies inherent in refined diesel fuels.  Our specialty lies in our capacity to formulate Top ShelfTM additives to meet the customer NEEDS rather than be limited to one or two generic options which may or may not properly address the reason you chose to use an additive in the first place. 

Not every fuel users' situation is the same and what works well for many might not satsify the needs of your particular fleet or equipment.   Perhaps your fleets needs more combustion improver to counteract a consistently lower cetane fuel supply, but at the same time your fleet does not need additional detergency?   That is where the flexibility of a custom blender of fuel additives excels.  

And while gasolines have greater restrictions on what can, or cannot, be added to them, we have the experience and knowledge to help fuel suppliers and retailers achieve TOP TIER distinction by suppling them with the necessary detergent concentration to meet or exceed that distinction.

With an 'off the shelf' product, price what are you really getting for your money?   Why not work with a company who will work with you to formulate what you need?   

Contact us today to speak with a sales representative and discover if the performance results you want require custom formulation or are already met by one of our 200+ privately held Top ShelfTM additive formulations currently registered with the EPA.    We can, and will, modify them to fit your need.





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