Stabilizer FSP-55/JF®

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Stabilizer FSP-55/JFTM


Amalgamated, Inc®  markets STABILIZER FSP-55/JFTM to protect both light and heavy fuel oil from deterioration during long-term storage.  It offers the maximum stability protection possible using current hydrocarbon technology.  STABILIZER FSP-55 /JFTM is formulated to protect fuel and fuel systems from the harmful effects of oxidation.  It limits free-carbon fall-out and sludge build-up, allowing fuel storage for prolonged periods.

Following are the characteristics of STABILIZER FSP-55/JFTM :
  • Corrosion & Rust Inhibitor: Reduces or eliminates fuel system rust and corrosion.
  • Anti-Oxidation: Retards the formation of fuel gums, sludge, deposits, and other oxidized products.
  • Metal Deactivator: Inhibits catalytic decomposition and deterioration of fuel oils by copper.
  • Sludge Retardant: Reduces fuel pre-heater build-up and keeps supply lines, filters,and fuel systems cleaner.
  • De-Emulsifier: Improves anti-haze properties to minimize fuel/water emulsion.
  • Ashless:  Uses only non-ash producing components.

STABILIZER FSP-55/JFTM is recommended for fuel stored for any end-use including turbine engines, diesel, and boilers.
STABILIZER FSP-55/JFTM stabilized fuel typically can be stored up to 12 months with no significant deterioration.
Though STABILIZER FSP-55/JFTM normally treats at a 1:5,000 ratio, the ratio for specific applications varies depending on the quality of the fuel and the anticipated length of time for storage.
For bulk gallons, 330 gallon totes, or 55 gallon drums, please contact us.
WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects. For more information go to Proposition 65 (California).
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